Lenovo Everyday Notebook Series

Lenovo Everyday Notebook Series

Sempurnakan kegiatanmu dalam bekerja dan bermain dengan notebook Lenovo Everyday Series. Diciptakan dengan performa yang pas untuk menunjang kegiatanmu. Mengerjakan tugas, pekerjaan kantor, browsing internet, chatting, nonton video hingga mendengarkan musik, kini paling pas dilakukan dengan laptop keren yang bertenaga.

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Lenovo Multimedia Series

Lenovo Multimedia Notebook Series

Manjakan mata dan telingamu dengan audio visual terbaik lewat display yang tajam, panel yang canggih, suara Dolby yang nyata dan diperkuat dengan prosesor serta kartu grafis terkini. Notebook Lenovo multimedia series akan membawamu ke pengalaman multimedia terbaik.
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Lenovo Gaming Series

Lenovo Gaming Series

Lenovo Gaming Series diciptakan untuk performa terdepan dan didesain untuk menginspirasi jiwa gamers tiap orang.

Lenovo Gaming Series diperkuat dengan prosesor Intel Core i7 terbaru dan berbagai pilihan kartu grafis.

Notebook Lenovo Gaming Series akan membuat pengalaman bermain game menjadi lebih seru. Hadapi lawan lawanmu sekarang ! 

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How to repair Blue Screen of Death and No Boot

​No Power. 

If your computer does not power on at all, the most likely culprits are either Power Supply (desktop only) or motherboard.

No Boot or Blue Screen. 

If your computer has power (you see lights, hear fans spinning), but nothing on the screen, or if the computer starts to boot up and then crashes with a ‘blue screen’, there are several possible issues. 

NOTE: Any hardware changes must be done while computer is completely powered down and unplugged / battery removed!!

Try Safe Mode – if your computer will boot into Safe Mode, it is a software related issue.

Test Screen – If you hear the computer running, but see nothing on the screen, try swapping monitors or plugging in an external monitor for laptops.

Test RAM – try carefully removing the ram and powering on. Most computers, when functioning properly, will give a long, repeating ‘memory error’ beep. Power off and replace the ram, one stick at a time, powering on when ram is properly seated.

Test Video Card – if your computer has a removable video card, try removing it and either replacing it or plugging your monitor into the built-in video port if available.

If none of these things work, you are likely looking at a failed hard drive, corrupted operating system or failed motherboard. It is best to seek professional services at this time.

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How to Buy a Power Supply

The power supply unit (PSU) is one of the few items in an electrical device that will affect the performance and reliability of your entire system. It’s often the most undervalued, under-appreciated component within any device, yet one of the first components to cause failure.


This article focuses on the factors to look for when purchasing a PSU for a personal computer, but it may be applied to any application needing a regulated PSU. When following this guide, take into account your own application, and appropriately weigh each factor.

1. Determine the wattage you need.
Use a PSU calculator web page or software to help determine your requirements. Even better is to find a review of a similar system that measures power consumption. As that consumption is measured at the wall, multiply by the review system’s power supplies efficiency to get the output. (If you don’t know, 0.82 will be close or slightly pessimistic.) Don’t purchase a PSU just above your requirements unless you plan not to upgrade the system. Also, PSUs age, losing power over time. Purchase a PSU that will take you through your next few upgrades, over a multiple-year period.

2. Research which connectors you need.
Newer PSUs will often provide both a 24-pin ATX connector that doubles as a 20-pin connector. Higher-end models may only provide a 24-pin connector, and lower-end models may provide just a 20-pin connector. Typically, most Pentium 4 and Athlon 64 CPU-based motherboards (and earlier) will require a 20-pin ATX connector, while newer motherboards require a 24-pin ATX connector. Also, most PSUs will have both a 4-pin and 8-pin auxiliary 12V connector for motherboards, and only high-end PSUs will have one or more 6-pin PCI-E connectors for video cards.

3. Look for PSUs with high-efficiency ratings.
And, ones rated under load temperatures, not room temperatures. Anything 80% and above is good. At 83%, approximately 17% of the wattage is lost as heat. Therefore, a PSU that may be advertised as a 500W PSU, will actually be drawing almost 600W at the wall. Efficiency drops over time and during the life of the PSU. A year-old PSU is most likely not capable of producing the same amount of energy it once did when it was new.

4. Determine the robustness of the PSU.
How well does the PSU handle changes in current? Although not a guarantee, there’s a strong correlation between weight and quality: bigger components (ie, capacitors) equate to a more tolerant, reliable PSU. This is one downside to a 120mm fan: while it does provide quieter cooling, the components to be cooled must be more tightly packed. If you don’t care about noise, an 80mm cooling fan in the traditional place on the rear of the PSU may offer better value.

5. Check the number of rails.
Just as your house’s fuse box includes both a large main breaker and a smaller circuit breaker per circuit to ensure the smaller-branch circuit wires do not overheat, high-capacity PSUs divide their output into multiple “rails,” each with a smaller current limit. The relevant safety standard requires a 20A limit, which is quite generous, given that the wires are smaller than those used in your house to carry 15A. (But there’s the advantage that the wires aren’t hidden in walls, so they’re cooled better, and you’ll smell it if something starts burning.) This, however, makes connecting the PSU more complex; in addition to not overloading it overall, you have to avoid overloading each rail, or it will shut down. A good power supply will make that easy by providing rails totalling much more than the total PSU rating. A cheaper alternative is to provide just enough rails to total the overall capacity, which makes it difficult to use all of a power supply’s capacity. (This may be a clue that the PSU is incapable of delivering its full-rated capacity.) An even cheaper alternative, which has become quite popular, is to eliminate all of the safety circuitry and produce a “single-rail” power supply that can deliver all of its output on any wire. This is technically in violation of the ATX-power-supply specification but has not proved to be a safety problem in practice, and is preferred by many people. A single-rail design isn’t itself a sign of a low-quality PSU.

6. Get a modular PSU.
It will help eliminate extra wires to get in the way of cooling. Ignore the claims by PC Power & Cooling that modular cables create more resistance due to corrosion of contacts. The additional resistance is negligible.

7. Compare the amperage of each voltage.
A PSU’s wattage rating isn’t conducive to determining amperage at any specific voltage. All PSUs will have a sticker with their rated amperage at each voltage level. This information should be provided when purchasing a PSU from an online vendor and visible on the unit’s retail box. As mentioned above, modern computers are 12V-heavy loads. A 500W PSU may sound adequate, but if its 12V amperage is in the low 20s or less (12V times 25A is 300W), it may not be able to power a modern computer.

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Peluang Usaha untuk produk Lampu LED – Solar Cell

Dengan melihat kondisi dan situasi Indonesia saat ini dimana sebagian besar masyarakat terutama dipelosok pelosok daerah sangat memerlukan dan membutuhkan penerangan listrik, namun sayangnya pemerintah masih belum dapat menjangkau dengan beberapa kendala. Demikian halnya wilayah yang sudah dialiri listrik pun tidak luput dari masalah dimana seringnya pemadaman listrik serta kenaikan tarif listrik sehingga selain mengganggu aktifitas sehari hari terutama malam hari juga beban biaya bulanan listrik yang semakin tidak murah.

Untuk mengatasi hal ini, kami menawarkan solusi sembari berhemat. Solusi ini dapat menjadi alternatif bagi masyarakat luas untuk memenuhi kebutuhan penerangan ditempat tinggal dan lingkungannya. Selain investasi yang murah juga penggunaan dan perawatan yang mudah ditambah lagi sumber listriknya dari sinar matahari yang tidak pernah habis dan menyinari bumi Indonesia sepanjang waktu, sepanjang tahun.

Dengan memanfaatkan sinar matahari yang bersinar sepanjang tahun di wilayah Indonesia ini, produk ini akan menjadi solusi tepat dan ekonomis mengatasi kendala yang kami sebutkan diatas. Produk ini juga telah mendapatkan sertifikasi dari BPPT dan LIPI dengan garansi 12-bulan dengan nama produk LAKETS.

Dengan potensi kebutuhan yang sangat tinggi dan peluang pasar yang masih sangat terbuka luas maka kesempatan ini sangat sayang bila dilewatkan. Untuk itu kami memberikan kesempatan kepada siapapun untuk menjadi Reseller kami untuk memasarkan produk ini di seluruh wilayah Indonesia.

Perlu diketahui bahwa potensi keuntungan finansial dapat diperoleh secara maksimal dengan memasarkan produk ini di target konsumen yang tepat dimana kebutuhannya sangat tinggi.

Beberapa segmen market yang dapat digarap oleh Reseller antara lain :
1. Perumahan di daerah yang belum mendapatkan pasokan listrik PLN,
2. Perumahan di daerah yang sudah mendapatkan pasokan listrik PLN akan tetapi sering putus-listrik (mati-lampu)
3. Penerangan jalan kampung/gang atau kompleks perumahan
4. Daerah pariwisata yang jauh dari kota dan belum ada pasokan listrik PLN,
5. Daerah perkebunan dan pemancingan yang biasanya belum ada pasokan listrik PLN,
6. Pedagang kaki-lima (baik yang pakai gerobak maupun yang mangkal di pinggir jalan) tdk punya pasokan listrik PLN,
7. Kegiatan-kegiatan outdoor : camping, fishing (di pantai dan di perahu), emergency, dll

Perangkat dan Harga

Perangkat LED-Solar Cell package ini mencakup 1 set perangkat yang terdiri dari :

a. 1-unit solar-panel 15WP,
b. 3-unit lampu-LED yang sudah dilengkapi dengan battere teknologi tinggi Lithium 4400mAh
c. Remote-Control untuk lampu sebanyak 1-unit
d. 1-unit DC-Hub dan
e. 3-unit kabel DC.


Paket Lampu-LED dgn Tenaga-Surya 1


Harga Jual ke Konsumen :
Kami sarankan untuk Konsumen adalah dikisaran Rp. 4.600.000,- sampai dengan Rp. 5.600.000,-. Harga dapat disesuaikan mengikuti volume penjualan. Garansi produk 12 bulan.
Margin Reseller hingga 30 % per set.

Yang berminat menjadi Reseller, bisa menghubungi kami COMPUTER PLUS di (021) 8886 6233 dan (021) 9130 1267 atau 0813 1966 5570 (WA Only) atau email ke bekasimcc at gmail

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Looking for Unlimited Everything Plan in the Cloud ?

If you are looking for unlimited everything plan in the cloud, here is the right place for you. Amazon the Titan will provide you unlimited storage capacity in the cloud just for $5 per month. It’s a little amount for everything you want to store inside. Read full article below.


King of the cloud, Amazon offers unlimited everything

March 26, 2015| By Gina Acosta

In its quest to offer its customers everything from one-hour delivery of toilet paper to instant TV streaming, Amazon nowwants to dominate the market in cloud storage with a dirt cheap new plan.

For $5 a month, customers can sign up for Amazon Cloud Drive and store as much digital content as they want.
The company with the unlimited plans, customers no longer need to worry about how much storage is needed to keep their content safeand secure: they can choose either the Unlimited Photos Plan or Unlimited Everything Plan and only pay one flat fee per year.

A free 3-month trial is available for customers to try either plan:

Unlimited Photos Plan (free 3-month trial,then $11.99 per year—equivalent of less than $1 per month): Store an infinite number of photos in Cloud Drive without worrying about taking up space on phones, cameras, or other devices. Customers can upload existing collections and store all future photos taken. This plan also includes 5 GB of additional storage for videos or other documents and files.

Unlimited Everything Plan (free 3-month trial, then $59.99 per year—equivalent of less than $5 per month): Store an infinite number of new and existing photos, videos, files, documents, movies, and music in Cloud Drive.

“Most people have a lifetime of birthdays, vacations, holidays, and everyday momentsstored across numerous devices. And, they don’t know how many gigabytes of storage they need to back all of them up,” said JoshPetersen, Director of Amazon Cloud Drive. “With the two new plans we are introducing today, customers don’t need to worry about storage space—they now have an affordable, secure solution to store unlimited amounts of photos, videos, movies, music, and files in one convenient place.”

Beginning today, customers can start experiencing unlimited cloud storage for free with a 3-month trial on either plan. Prime members and Fire device owners who already enjoy unlimited photo storage can choose to sign up for the Unlimited Everything Plan to store videos and files in addition to photos. Existing Cloud Drive customers can change their plans now by simply logging into their Cloud Drive accounts.