Best of all, our company is friendly and is not intimidating.

Computers Plus is the only remanufactured toner supplier to buy your next cartridge toner and ink. Not only will you get the absolute best price on the largest selection of remanufactured cartridge toner and ink
Best of all, our company is friendly and is not intimidating.

Computers Plus is staffed with the most experienced technicians in the industry. Whether you’re having printer problems or need an cartridge toner & ink exchange, Computers Plus can get the job done. We can fix almost major brand of printers, any problem, and guaranteed. Computers Plus is here to help.

Whatever you’re problem, whatever your question, we are here to help make you simple. Our staff is trained in finding answers to your questions and solving your problems. The next time you’re in a pinch or need help, give us a try.

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