THISWEEK ON GADGETS Printer: Inkjet or LaserJet

Many times we often ask Inkjet or LaserJet Printer which is better for me. When we want to get a new printer or make a switch or an upgrade. What you finally decide on could either save you cost or increase it. Gone are the days when color LaserJet printers are only for the elite or professional graphics designers, colour laser printers are affordable and cost effective depending on your need and what you want to achieve.Inkjets are not the preferred choice for non-professional print solutions. After all, a multifunction inkjet will cost you the same price as a laser printer, but the cost of printing per page will be three times more expensive!Laser models print two to three times faster than inkjets. They do so quietly and the ink doesn’t bleed or run as the prints come out dry. When the cartridges are empty, an inkjet stops printing, but a laser can be tricked into finishing a job if you shake the toner vigorously!What’s more, even if an inkjet and a laser carry the same price tag, the laser will be a cheaper option in the long run. An inkjet is supplied with cartridges that can print anything from 50 to 500 pages, whereas the laser’s toner can churn out 1,000 pages straight away, and some will even last for 3,000 or 4,000 pages.However, comparing the two technologies isn’t that simple. On the one hand, an all-in-one colour inkjet can print, scan, copy and sometimes even fax, some new models of LaserJet can do the same also. Things are changing though. New features have been added onto laser printers. Network connectivity with Ethernet and wireless is now available on some models, and one of them even features colour printing at the same price as black and white.

Note:Text will always print to perfection. Nowadays, it would be hard to find a laser printer that didn’t fare well with office documents. However, more often than not, the prints are darker than what you would expect, which may sometimes make black & white documents less legible.

For photos, it’s a whole different story. Inkjets remain a better choice for your long-lasting memories. Of course, you can print out pictures with a laser printer and they will probably look just about OK, but printing pictures on a an inkjet printer comes out with better print quality

Teaching Physics with a SMART Board

Cindy Schwarz, Professor of Physics at Vassar College shows the use of a SMART Board in the undergraduate science curriculum.

SMART Visual Collaboration solutions and SolidWorks® 3D CAD software

Enhance design and product review meetings by using SMART visual collaboration solutions with the popular design application SolidWorks® 3D CAD software.

Want to know further how smart visual collaboratipn solution foe specific industry ? Klik Here.


SMART Board Basics: Touch Write and Save

This tutorial is a quick introduction to the basics of SMART Board software. You will see how to launch an application with your finger, write on the interactive whiteboard and how you can save your notes.


Go Green with SMART Board

Let’s see how SMART Board performing switched the Flipchart. Transforming a conventional model to a new way for expressing your idea on board. More interactive, eye catching, productive, fun and of course sophisticated. Make collaboration make sense with your team. Create workspace more and go green.


SMART Boards Why are they so easy to use?

Watch teachers and students demonstrate what makes the SMART Board so easy to use, and hear what teachers have to say about how SMART products are engaging students and improving learning outcomes in the classroom.

SMART Interactive Whiteboard meetings Marketing Director

Using SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards and Bridgit™ conferencing software, Murray Rennick in New York presents his latest strategy to Frankie Rolph in London. With some collaboration, the finished document is emailed directly to Frankie using touch. SMARTmeetings use SMART Business Solutions. Find out more.

Introducing the SMART Board 800 Series Interactive Whiteboard

Get a sneak peek at the latest from SMART — a new interactive whiteboard that lets you toss, flick, grow and more.


Productivity Beyond Your Desk with SMART Board SB680 77in

The new SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard offers an updated look, more features and larger sizes. Designed to address customer feedback and user testing, it’s a flexible product that can be upgraded as your customers’ needs change.

Productivity Tools Go Beyond Desks
To be productive, groups need to use networks, files and websites — no matter where they are. Put this information at your group’s fingertips with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, so groups can work with the information they need, when they need it.

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard connects to your computer and a projector. With the touch of a finger, group members can interact with computer materials and their finger becomes the mouse. They can write with digital ink over anything and save their notes to a single file for easy distribution. They can wirelessly connect laptops and transfer control of the interactive whiteboard between users. Free software upgrades and an expansion slot for future hardware additions ensure that as your organization grows, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard grows with you.

Put It to Work for You
How can it help your organization? That depends on what you do.

Project managers capture progress notes and track decisions, then save the notes and e-mail them to stakeholders as a progress update. Designers use it to present plans to clients and incorporate their feedback immediately, saving valuable time during the design process. Fire departments create training simulators — ensuring staff receive realistic but safe training. Lawyers grab jurors’ attention and help them understand evidence by presenting and interacting with the material. No matter where you are and what you do, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard can help maximize productivity.

They are available in sized from 48″ to 94 inches and include models SB640, SB660, SB680, SB685 and SB690 (all the boards function the same way but are just different sizes)