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An Affordable Whiteboard from Dr Board

Dr Board means superior of board in quality, technology and function. Dr Board is defined to provide easy operation, practical function, affordable price and reliable quality. Not only helps students and business people a new way of learning, and new way of collaborating, but also an easier way to upgrade present facility to new environment of interactive. So more people will tap the benefit of this technology whatever your business activities and industry.


Dr Board arrived with many product range includes finger touch, optical pen base interactive whiteboard to portable virtual interaction station, and relative tools such as wirelss tablet, voting and document camera.


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Implement SMART and see an ROI in as little as 1 week.

Project schedules can slip as much as 30% because of miscommunication. Keeping everyone involved and up-to-date at all times is a constant challenge. Miscommunication leads to mistakes, and at any level, mistakes attribute to rework, costing time and money.

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The SMART Visual Collaboration Solution makes processes more efficient, allowing businesses to be more competitive – and to be true industry leaders.

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Using Power Point on a SMART Board


This tutorial provides a quick overview of how to use PowerPoint on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. You will learn how to navigate through a PowerPoint slide show and how you can make notes to focus your audience’s attention.

Gaining Multiple Perspective with SMART Board


Transforming learning spaces with interactive whiteboards and displays

Teachers looking for new ways to give their students numerous perspectives on a topic and expanded opportunities for collaboration have created innovative classrooms with multiple SMART Board interactive whiteboards and displays.

Bringing learning to life

Combined with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and the extensive learning resources available on the SMART Exchange website, SMART Board interactive whiteboards and displays and the LightRaise™ interactive projector offer powerful, touchsensitive focal points for delivering interactive lessons proven to engage students.

With our interactive whiteboards and displays, you can create collaborative learning environments that support a variety of teaching strategies and learning styles, giving you the flexibility to personalize instruction to the differing needs, motivations and strengths of your students.
We provide you with powerful, easy-to-use options to suit any classroom or learning space.

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How Smartboards Can Improve Productivity by Portsmouth Comms 0800 849 7888

Portsmouth Comms 0800 849 7888 : Every meeting should be a chance for your business to improve productivity and results. SMART solutions give you those opportunities by making meetings visual and interactive, so you can work with information in more meaningful, effective ways. You can quickly and easily share information, concepts and plans or conduct discussions and brainstorming sessions. You can also effortlessly capture notes and distribute them for future reference, ensuring that all participants have a record of the meeting’s results.

Regardless of the purpose of your meetings — presentations, demonstrations, discussions or collaboration sessions — SMART solutions can help you make your workday more productive and drive success for your business.

SMART Board Integration with Autodesk Navisworks

Andy Ebbern demonstrates how Autodesk Navisworks users can now interact with 3D models on a SMART Board interactive flat panel display. For further information about the idsDesignTOUCH plug-in for Navisworks Manage, please visit