THISWEEK ON GADGETS Printer: Inkjet or LaserJet

Many times we often ask Inkjet or LaserJet Printer which is better for me. When we want to get a new printer or make a switch or an upgrade. What you finally decide on could either save you cost or increase it. Gone are the days when color LaserJet printers are only for the elite or professional graphics designers, colour laser printers are affordable and cost effective depending on your need and what you want to achieve.Inkjets are not the preferred choice for non-professional print solutions. After all, a multifunction inkjet will cost you the same price as a laser printer, but the cost of printing per page will be three times more expensive!Laser models print two to three times faster than inkjets. They do so quietly and the ink doesn’t bleed or run as the prints come out dry. When the cartridges are empty, an inkjet stops printing, but a laser can be tricked into finishing a job if you shake the toner vigorously!What’s more, even if an inkjet and a laser carry the same price tag, the laser will be a cheaper option in the long run. An inkjet is supplied with cartridges that can print anything from 50 to 500 pages, whereas the laser’s toner can churn out 1,000 pages straight away, and some will even last for 3,000 or 4,000 pages.However, comparing the two technologies isn’t that simple. On the one hand, an all-in-one colour inkjet can print, scan, copy and sometimes even fax, some new models of LaserJet can do the same also. Things are changing though. New features have been added onto laser printers. Network connectivity with Ethernet and wireless is now available on some models, and one of them even features colour printing at the same price as black and white.

Note:Text will always print to perfection. Nowadays, it would be hard to find a laser printer that didn’t fare well with office documents. However, more often than not, the prints are darker than what you would expect, which may sometimes make black & white documents less legible.

For photos, it’s a whole different story. Inkjets remain a better choice for your long-lasting memories. Of course, you can print out pictures with a laser printer and they will probably look just about OK, but printing pictures on a an inkjet printer comes out with better print quality

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How to print from a mobile device with Google’s Cloud Print

Nick Barber@nickjb 
Dec 3, 2012 10:40 AM

Just because you’re on a smartphone or tablet doesn’t mean you can’t print. In a few easy steps, you can set up Google Cloud Print to print from just about any mobile device. For more extensive mobile printing tips, see PCWorld’s definitive guide to mobile printing. The first thing you need to do is sit down at a desktop or laptop that’s already connected to a printer. Sign into your Chrome browser and go to the Cloud Print page to set up the printers and mobile devices so they match your preferences.

Back on your Android device, go to Google Play and download Cloud Print. It’s a free app. (For iOS users, there are apps out there for you, too—this Macworld video looks at using Printopia to print from you iPhone or iPad.). Once you’re in Cloud Print, you can open something in Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Calendar, or even Mail and send it to the printer that’s linked to your desktop or laptop.If you want to print a Web page, it’s easy: Just go to the Web page, click share, and send it to Cloud Print. You’ll find that document waiting for you on the printer in no time.

How to Print on Dot Matrix Printer

By Ellis Davidson, eHow Contributor

Dot matrix printers are an older printer technology, but they are still used today for special functions. Dot matrix printers are a kind of impact printer, which can be used to print on specially stacked carbon paper, creating multiple copies simultaneously. Higher-end models also provide very high speed printing, faster than what is available from inkjet or similarly priced laser printers.


 Moderately Easy


    • Select a dot matrix printer that has connectors that are also available on your computer. Many dot matrix printers use older serial or parallel connections, which may not be included in newer computers. It will be much easier for you to connect a dot matrix printer to your computer, if you use or purchase a model that has USB connections.

    • Connect your dot matrix printer to your computer, using the included cabling. Plug one end of the cable into the dot matrix printer, and the other into the appropriate port on your computer. Do not force the cable. If it does not fit properly, it may be the wrong port for that cable.

    • Install the drivers for the dot matrix printer onto your computer. If these are not on a disc included with the printer, the drivers are usually available on the manufacturer’s website. (While computers come with many printer drivers installed, dot matrix printers are typically not included.) The drivers will come with an installer application. Launch the application from the disc, or from the downloaded files, and the installer will walk you through the process.

    • Print to your dot matrix printer from any application. If several printers are available to your computer, in the printer dialog box, make sure that you have selected the dot matrix printer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before purchasing a dot matrix printer, check the manufacturer’s website to ensure that drivers for your computer and operating system are available.

How to Maintain an Inkjet Printers

By an eHow Contributor

Just like any other computer peripheral, you’ll want to perform some routine maintenance operations on your inkjet printer to maintain print quality and prolong its life. Here are a few quick measures to take to help maintain an inkjet printer.


 Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need

  • Inkjet printer
    • Replace ink tanks. Your computer will let you know when you are running low on ink. Keep printing as normal, but have a spare tank on hand for the corresponding color. Wait until the tank is empty before you replace the tank.
    • Check nozzles. This can be done by running a self-test (see manual) or through your computer.

      For Windows, click Start | Control Panel | Printers and then right click your printer and select properties. Select the maintenance tab and choose nozzle test.

      For Macintosh, from any program that prints select File | Page Setup then click “Utilities” and select “Test print” from the drop down menu. Click “Nozzle Test.” On the test page, look for unevenness in color or missing lines. These indicate that the print heads need cleaning or alignment.

    • Clean print heads. Access the printer maintenance page as in step 2 and select the “Cleaning” option.

    • Align print heads. Access the printer maintenance page and select the option for “Print head alignment.”

    • Manually clean the printer. Make sure the printer is unplugged. Open the printer and use a dry lint-free cloth to gently wipe away any accumulated dust or stray drops of ink.

    • Update drivers. If your printer is a bit older than your computer you may need to check for driver updates or patches. Visit the manufacturer’s Web site and look on the tech support page for any relevant downloads.

    • Clear paper jams. It should be obvious if you have a paper jam (your printer won’t print). Always refer to the manual for the safest method of clearing jams. In general, be gentle and access the areas easily reachable by lifting a cover or removing a panel.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you install the correct cartridges–write down your model number and ask for help at the store.
  • All operations require the printer to be properly loaded with paper.
  • Always check the manual for specific maintenance instructions.
  • Never use solvents or cleaners while wiping down the printer.
  • Print head cleaning and alignment takes a lot of ink, so only do it when necessary.

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