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We are highlighting science in this issue and we’ve selected a few research studies that report the benefits of SMART products in science classrooms, grant programs that can assist you in purchasing the right technology products for your school and some other great resources available to you. We hope they provide you with ideas and inspiration for your science classroom.

case study Al-Shifaa Bint Ouf

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Utilization in Al-Shifaa Bint Ouf School
In a study released by the Jordan Education Initiative in March 2010, students from the Al-Shifaa Bint Ouf Secondary School for Girls, located in an underprivileged and overpopulated neighborhood in Amman, Jordan, report that they feel more engaged and motivated when learning math and science with the school’s two SMART Board interactive whiteboards.

Elementary Science Lab Outreach Efforts: Extending Science Lessons to Support Improvements in Students’ Study Skills and Math Performance in Grades 4, 5 and 6
This project by Kathie Heirigs and Halima Thurmon at St. Joseph Catholic School in Memphis, Tennessee, sought to determine the most effective study methods for improving critical math skills for inner-city students. To determine final outcomes, standardized test scores from fall 2007 and spring 2008 were compared using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Various specific and related skills sections of the ITBS data were examined and significant improvements were noted. In many cases, individual students who were performing below both grade level and the national average showed such significant gains that the project was considered successful in helping to close the gap for targeted skills with these inner-city students.

Report on the Use of the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard in Physical Science
This project by Dr. Deborah Damcot, Janet Landato and Collette Marsh at William Rainey Harper College in Chicago, Illinois, in 2000, measured the effectiveness of using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard in physical science topics that require visualization of complex phenomena. Among their findings, students self-reported that lectures featuring the SMART Board interactive whiteboard were more interesting and that the use of color helped better understand science concepts.

If this school gain the benefits of SMART Board product series for education, so why you don’t want to do the best for your classroom and your school ? Let’s help you find the right solution for your classroom, just by drop email to us.

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Truly Insightful Assessment with SMART Response System

assessment smart response


Choose the following answer :

A. The flexibility to deliver both formative and summative assessments
B. A wide selection of content that is easy to access and aligns to education standards
C. Assessments that are easy to implement, engage students and can be tracked
D. Relevant professional development to help me learn new strategies for assessment and personalization
E. All of the above

If you answered ‘All of the above”, you answered the same as SMART ! It’s this combination that we believe will truly help educators gain insight into students’ learning and achieve better results.

The right combination for insight
True insight into learning means going beyond using a tool that allow students to respond with YES/NO, TRUE/FALSE.

Every learner is unique and to truly have insight into their learning, it’s necessary to have a support system – one that can help you stay connected to each student before, during and after a lesson, respond to individual learning needs and track responses to each student’s improvement and growth over the course of the year.

We believe that SMART Response interactive response systems, the SMART Exchange website and professional development make a pretty amazing assessment solution. It’s because this combination allows you to instantly assess students on almost any device, respond to your students’ needs, track their responses and develop long-term understanding of their learning.

SMART Response systems provide an engaging way for students to participate in lessons and demonstrate their understanding, and the wide variety of content on the SMART Exchange website allows you to find and customize lessons and quizzes to suit the needs of your entire classroom, a group of students or individual learners. And it’s easy to learn how to use these products to personalize learning and inspire achievement with our professional development offering.

Each product contributes to enabling engaging formative and summative assessments that can make a difference in students’ understanding of lessons. And together – they create an intuitive, engaging and meaningful assessment experience.

SMART Response Interactive Response Systems
• Four unique models designed for different needs – 1:1, K–12, inclusive and early education, and advanced math and science
• Integrated with SMART Notebook software , each system allows you to quickly and easily insert questions into your lessons to instantly assess student understanding
• Teacher Tools allows you to create assessment reports to evaluate student progress over the course of a year
• Can be used with industry-leading assessment platforms , like Acuity™ InFormative Assessment® Solution and eduphoria! SchoolObjects:aware™

The SMART Exchange Website
• Free content can be downloaded and customized to your classroom’s needs
• Over 60,000 education resources are available on the website
• More than 10,000 resources align directly to various state standards, including Common Core Standards
• Resources can be searched by grade, subject or keyword
• Many leading education publishers have developed content specifically for SMART products which can be searched for on the SMART Exchange website

Professional Development Over
15 different options for professional development on assessment Access PD in-person, online or at public or private events

Integration with On-line Assessment Platforms
SMART Response interactive response systems widely used assessment solutions for education so you can use the remotes from your SMART Response systems with third-party products, gaining more options for assessment and reporting

The following platforms integrate with SMART Response systems:
• A+™ Classroom Student Response Software
• Acuity InFormative Assessment Solution
• eduphoria! School Objects:aware
• Galileo K–12 Online Instructional Improvement System
• Ignite!™ Torch
• LearningStation® Insight online assessment platform
• Study Island

assessment solution