Energize Lessons with the SMART Response XE Interactive Response System

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In chemistry, the term activation energy is simply defined as the minimum energy required to start a chemical reaction. And when it comes to teaching any type of STEM-related subject, it may sometimes feel as though it takes a lot of energy to get a reaction from your students.

That’s where the SMART Response XE interactive response system comes in. As one of SMART’s five interactive response systems, SMART Response
XE enables you to assess learning quickly. Students can instantly respond to science or math questions – whether they’re about chemical reactions, gravitational force or the periodic table – and demonstrate their understanding of a concept.
And the SMART Response XE system is the only interactive response system that includes remotes (or clickers) with a full QWERTY keyboard, enabling students to include math equations and scientific functions in their answers.


Accelerate Learning
Whether its chemistry, physics or calculus, students are often writing, balancing and solving equations. With the SMART Response XE system, you have the freedom to ask true-or-false, multiple choice and text-based questions to get an indication of student understanding or to go deeper into your assessments by having students answer questions using math expressions and scientific functions.
The system also includes a flexible feature called intelligent grading, allowing you to choose a range of answers that you’ll accept as correct. With intelligent grading, you can decide if you’ll recognize an answer only in its exact order, in any order or in its mathematical equivalent.

For example, when allowing for equivalent representations of the same answer, both of these acceleration formulas would be graded as correct by the SMART Response XE system:

formula smart response


Get the right reaction
With SMART Response XE, you can quickly create math- or science-based questions using SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, and students can use their remotes to type in answers that contain equations, formulas or symbols.
When students finish answering, the remotes will instantly provide them with confidential feedback. The answers are also anonymously summarized as a pie chart or bar graph in SMART Notebook software, making it easy for you and your students to discuss, compare and learn from the answers.


Fast Fact
fast fact smart response
• Complete assessment system – Experience the convenience of the wireless, keyboard-style remotes, a receiver and powerful assessment software
• Instant insight – Conduct formative and summative assessment to instantly gain insight into your students’ understanding of a concept or lesson
• Designed for middle and secondary lessons – Use the SMART Response XE system for teaching middle and secondary lesson content, including advanced math and science content. The remotes allow students to input math equations and scientific functions.
• Flexible assessment – Ask different types of questions, including true or false, yes or no, multiple choice, textbased, math expressions and scientific functions. And the intelligent grading feature enables you to choose a range of acceptable answers for a  question, allowing for multiple representations of the correct answer.
• Easy to manage – Use the Teacher Tools feature to create class lists and view and manage all your student assessment data in one location. The built-in gradebook enables you to record test scores, track performance and create reports.
• Integrated with SMART Notebook software – Create dynamic questions and assessments by accessing SMART Response directly in SMART Notebook software. With one touch, you can deliver assessments on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. You can also show assessment results on a SMART Notebook page and add comments in digital ink.

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