SMART Board 8070i Interactive Display System for Business

The SMART Board 8070i interactive display is a beautiful, high-definition 70 inch display which features a sleek, contemporary design to complement the business environment. The 8070i offers multiuser and multi touch capabilities and supports common multitouch gestures currently recognized in the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system, enabling multiple users to create and interact with digital content simultaneously. It ships with SMART Meeting Pro™ software, which is specifically designed to facilitate meeting management and enable effective and efficient multitouch collaboration. Used in conjuction with SMART Bridgit™ Conferencing software, meeting participants can connect remotely from anywhere in the world to share and interact with digital documents, minimizing the need for travel.



Further information or see our product performance, feel free to contact us :

COMPUTER PLUS (PT. Master Centranusa Cemerlang)

Tel. 021 8886 6233

Mobile : 0813 1966 5570 (Estiko Fadjar)

Website :


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