King of Restoration

Do your Dot Matrix still in a trouble ? Do you feel your Dot Matrix bothering in every minutes of your workday ?
Cannot connect to or not in your expected print out or even noisy? Broken part or cracked the case ? Of course, they are rumbling your day to day operation.

Here is Computer Plus present to serve you. We guarantee high quality work for  repairing or even make restoration for your Dot Matrix become a new one.

Price ? Affordable and fair price we have long history records. Of course, We talk about 6 (six ) years more experiences to serve our diverse customers. So why don’t you too……?

Let you make business experience with us, you never find out from others. It is our goal to make a real difference.


Office and Workshop
(PT. Master Centranusa Cemerlang)
Sentra Bisnis Harapan Indah SS21 No 1
Medan Satria Bekasi 17131

Website :
Email : bekasi at gmail dot com
Tel. 021 8886 6233
Tel. 021 9130 1267
Fax. 021 8886 6233

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