ACER Aspire Series January 2014

Aspire P3-171 : Core i5/4Gb/120Gb SSD/HD Graphics 4000/11.6″/Win 8, Harga : Rp.,-

Aspire S3 951-2364G54ss-W7 : Core i3/4Gb/500Gb/HD Graphics 3000/13.3″/Win 7, Harga : Rp.,-

Aspire S5-391-W8 : Core i7/4 Gb/256 Gb SSD/GD Graphics 4000/13.3″/Win 8, Harga : Rp.,-

Aspire R7-572G : Core i5/4Gb/1T/NVidia GeForce GT 750 2G/15.6″/Win 8/, Harga :Rp.,-

Aspire V5-471G-53334G50M-W8 : Core i5/4Gb/500 Gb/NVidia GT750 2Gb/14″/
Win 8, Harga: Rp.,-
Linux , Harga : Rp.,-

Aspire V3-471G-73614G1TMadd-W8 : Core i7/4Gb/1T/NVidia  GT640 2Gb/ 14″/Win 8, Rp.,-

Aspire E1-432-29552G50Mnkk : Intel 2955U/2Gb/500Gb/HD Graphics/14″/Linux, Rp.,-

Aspire E1-470-33212G50Mnkk : Core i3/2Gb/500 Gb/HD Graphics 4000/14″/
Win 8 : Rp.,-
Linux : Rp.,-

Aspire E1-422-65202G50Mn : AMD A6/2 Gb/500 Gb/Radeon HD 8400/14″/Linux, Harga : Rp.,-

Aspire V5 Touch -132P-10192G50n: Intel 1019Y/2Gb/500 Gb/HD Graphics/11.6″/Linux, Harga :,-

Aspire V5 Touch- 471P-33224G50M-W8 : Core i3/4Gb/500Gb/HD Graphics/14″/Win 8, Harga :,-

Aspire V5 Mini -132-10192G50n : Intel 1019Y/2Gb/500Gb/HD Graphics/11.6″/Linux, Harga : Rp.,-

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