How to Share a Wireless Printer

By Glenda Taylor, an eHow Contributing Writer

Use any printer on the network from one location.
With wireless capability, you can prepare a document on your laptop while sitting on your bed and print it from the printer in your home office, all without moving from the bed. Many computers can share a common wireless printer if you have the correct equipment and follow some easy steps.

Moderately Easy
Things You’ll Need:

Networked computers with wireless capability
Wireless printer
Wireless router

Configure each computer with the “Network Setup Wizard,” found under “Network Connections” in the “Control Panel” and choose “File Sharing” when prompted. You will give your computer a name and restart it before the changes take effect.

Open the “Printers” dialog box from the “Control Panel” and choose “Sharing” from the menu that appears when you right click on the icon of the installed printer.

Give the shared printer a unique name. If you have more than one printer to share, name each one something distinct, like “Office Ink Jet” or “Mom’s Laser Printer.”

Add additional printers for sharing by opening the “Control Panel” and selecting “Printers and Hardware.” Choose the “Add a Printer” option and browse the network with “Printer Connection” to locate the printer. Follow the simple prompts and your new wireless printer will be installed and ready to share.

Hardwire a printer to a computer without a network card. Even an older computer can use the same printer. In this instance, the printer attaches to the older computer directly yet other computers can access it wirelessl through the router.

Run multiple wireless printers on the network by giving each one a specific name and enabling the sharing feature from the “Control Panel.”

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